100 happy days

It was clear that after a term of controlled assessments and topic tests that everyone was extremely worn out and ready for the Easter break. Sometimes we can be too busy to appreciate the little things and instead we end up looking for the negatives.

I’m not just getting all philosophical for no reason… There is motive behind the madness! I heard about a campaign called 100 days happy which challenges people to post something that makes them happy each day for 100 days! Most people are using either twitter, Instagram or Facebook to complete their challenge but I thought it would be nice to share my happy photos with you guys. The aim of the campaign is to make people value the little things making people more happy in general!

I will be posting something on here everyday for 100 days that makes me happy and I challenge you guys to do the same! You can post anything from a cup of coffee to your pet cat! The website to register is here: http://100happydays.com 

So here it is: My first picture. Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me it’s my camera. I love photography and if I could I would just travel around the world and take pictures until I’m old and grey!

Thank you for reading and please comment if you are planning to take part in the challenge as well or if you already know about it.

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x
Twitter: beautyblogbeth
Pinterest: bethanyjanesaul



3 thoughts on “100 happy days

  1. I also have a FujiFilm camera, it’s amazing! I love the 100 Happy Days challenge. I’m doing it on my Instagram and it’s been so fun! Can’t wait to see more of your photos 🙂
    Xo Olivia

    • They are amazing cameras! Thinking about saving up for one of their ultra-durable waterproof camera… Whats your instagram name so I can follow you? Thank you very much, just posted today’s just now 🙂

      • Yes, they are! A waterproof one would be awesome for the summer. My instagram is @misslivvloves! 🙂
        xo Olivia

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