Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

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These photos as promised from my Duke of Edinburgh expedition! I am so lucky to have done my expedition with such a stunning landscape surrounding me and despite all the hills we had to climb I actually really enjoyed¬†being at … Continue reading

100 happy days 16

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After a tiring but incredible¬†time at Mcbusted last night which consisted mainly of me and the rest of the audience pining over Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis…I must admit I am guilty of not really getting up to much at … Continue reading

Blue skies – Finally

It’s disgusting weather here in England at the moment, flooding and boggy grass galore! Therefore as you imagine the relief and joy I felt when I woke up to blue skies on Saturday morning. I was so overjoyed I went to the trouble of taking a couple of photos – also I wasn’t sure when I would see the sight of a gorgeous sapphire sky again until most likely July with the way things have been for the last few months!

Anyways here are the photos, thank you for reading!

Bethany Jane x x

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Pintrest: bethanyjanesaulBlue sky in the 'shires Early morning sunshine