Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

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These photos as promised from my Duke of Edinburgh expedition! I am so lucky to have done my expedition with such a stunning landscape surrounding me and despite all the hills we had to climb I actually really enjoyed being at … Continue reading

100 happy days 20

Finally what has been a long week has drawn to an end with a much deserved bank holiday weekend! This weekend I’m off to Norfolk with my friend Frankie to go sailing along the broads. I’m thinking a weekend lounging around on boat and sailing will take my mind off my exams in two weeks time!

This week I got myself a new camera with some money I’ve had saved up for a while and it’s one of those waterproof/shockproof type cameras perfect for the trip. I’m not planning on going in the water so to speak this weekend as the weather looks to be more than a bit chilly…

Anyway what this does mean is that I won’t be able to post on here until Monday, however when I do I promise I will have lots of photos for you all!

Have a good weekend, I think we all need a well earned break!

Back on Monday,

Bethany Jane x x

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