100 happy days 26

Another day of unexciting revision before my exams next week was what joys my day installed!

In my break however I did treat myself to a pre-order of a copy of Coldplay’s new album Ghost stories off amazon. I can’t remember when I put the itunes version of Ghost stories on pre-order but I have a feeling it was pretty much the day it was available… I’m slightly obsessed as you can probably tell! The next step in my obsession is to now get tickets for their London concert at the Royal Albert Hall but I’m not feeling too hopeful as the New York show sold out in 3 seconds… Fingers crossed, someone has to get them!

I must say I am really enjoying the tracks that have been released already from Ghost Stories especially I’m loving the most recently released Sky full of stars. If you haven’t listened to any of the tracks yet I so recommend you give them a listen, the whole album is different to what they’ve done previously but still has the same energy.

I can’t wait till the full album is released on the 19th! Less than 10 days to go now!!

That’s all from me today but if there are any other Coldplay fans out there please pop up, I’d love to hear from you and what you think of Ghost stories so far.

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x 

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