100 happy days 22

My weekend of sailing has proved hard on my lips as well as my face it seems so today I set out to find a solution for my chapped lip nightmare!

I trolled through some blog post and few things on twitter to come to the conclusion my best bet was to buy myself the Burt’s Bees conditioning lip-balm. I was relieved when I tried it that it wasn’t just another gimmick that works for two seconds but as soon as you stop applying it it makes your lips feel even worse *cough* Baby Lips *cough*.

Anyways… my lips are feeling replenished and back to normal so I guess good old Burt’s Bees has done it’s job! Would seriously recommend this to anyone suffering from the dreaded sore lips!

Thanks for reading, if anyone else has any good brands of lipcare don’t hesitate to comment or drop me a tweet!

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane  x x

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Luscious lips

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I am a strong believer in subtle details bringing a perfect finishing touch to any look. One of the many ways I love to do this is with lipstick or lip gloss. I don’t usually go for bold oranges or … Continue reading

100 happy days 6

A package arrived for me today after work with some things I ordered from www.lookfantastic.com which made me very happy indeed.

I ordered two bottles ofprotein spray from Label M that I previously tried as a freebie from Vogue Fashion Weekend. I also bought a Real Techniques blush brush that I heard from twitter was good value for money!

Short post again today…again if anyone else is taking part in the challenge please post usernames and web-addresses below!

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x

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Just like an artist needs good tools, it is vital to have good quality brushes to apply your makeup. Using makeup brushes or sponges decreases the risk of breakouts as all the nasty germs and oils from your hands can’t make their way onto your precious skin.

I know good quality makeup brushes can be very expensive but unlike costly makeup they can’t run out or go bad in a short period of time making them a worthwhile investment.

Ok! That’s my skincare lesson done! What I really wanted to focus on was the different makeup brushes I use, where they are from and what I use them for.

It’s probably easiest if I list them in order of my normal makeup routine:

  1. MAC Duo fibre face brush / MAC Foundation brush – For either foundation or BB/CC cream
  2. Boots Small angled sponge – For concealer
  3. Clinique powder brush – For powder to set my foundation
  4. Sephora mineral powder brush – For bronzer
  5. Sephora classic bronzer brush – For highlighter (not bronzer)
  6. Sephora angled contour brush – For blush
  7. The Body Shop eye shadow brush – Surprise surprise for eyeshadow

So that’s my brush collection! I have to say that MAC, Sephora and Clinique are the best places to buy brushes despite the fact they are very pricey.  Also I’ve heard around the blog’o’sphere that Bobbi Brown’s brushes are pretty fab as well.

I would love to hear what brushes you guys use ect. so do post comments below!

Thanks for reading, more to come soon!

Bethany Jane x x

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Ted Baker Nails

It seems I’ve been quite focused on makeup lately in my beauty posts so I though I would mix things up a bit!

At Christmas I received the wonderful present of a set of Ted Baker nail polishes. Being sworn to OPI and Nails Inc I was dubious but the colours were really cute so I was swayed!

The nail polishes came in a adorable little tin which I now use to keep some of my makeup brushes in. The polishes were in four colours (pictures below) that all work together rather pleasingly – metallic gold and silver, baby pink and black.

My personal favorite choice when using the polishes has to be the baby pink and metallic gold on my index finger as an accent nail which I wore to a party just last weekend!

I love them so much because unlike other nail polish brands selling these colours, the consistency is really good and even with the metallic colours, you don’t have to apply a million layers to get a solid colour.

Overall I adore the nail polishes and I am very grateful to my Godmother for giving such a spectacular gift!

Just a short post today but thanks for reading, highly recommend you try out the Ted Baker set out!

Bethany Jane x x

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Ted Baker nail polishes

Before and after

Its no secret that our skin is precious and that we need to look after it the best we can. This is especially true if we are planning on wearing makeup most days if not everyday.

So where is the compromise? Do we save our skin the trauma and risk going naked faced or do we slap on the makeup and face the bitter consequences in the form of a breakout? The answer is neither!

I realise I’m preaching to the choir when I’m saying this as I’m sure all my fellow beauty bloggers are aware of the wisdom I am about to impart to you but for those who are not as experienced… PRIMER! Primer is what will save you from that horrible makeup-or-no-makeup dilemma. Another advantage to wearing primer is that it makes your makeup look better in general as foundation will blend more effectively.

The best primers I have come across are the Smashbox photo-finish collection because there are multitudinous primers to suit all skin types! I have the clear primer that is not for any specific skin types but it makes my foundation/bb cream stay a lot better compared to when I didn’t use primer at all. I have also noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my skin seeing as before I started wearing primer, if I wore make up more than two days in a row my skin would suffer the penalty!

I’ve talked about what to do before you apply your make up but what about after? I was really confused as to why my foundation would never last from when I went out to when I came home or why after a few hours my skin would look oily and as if I had not put put on makeup at all. I asked around and came to the conclusion that it was the simplest thing that was missed out of my makeup routine, setting spray. I then took to the web to find the best setting spray and I came across the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray with perfect reviews and came up in a lot of different blogs as it had just been released.

The Urban decay setting spray is one of my favorite products overall because it is so effective at keeping my makeup on and not letting my skin get oily throughout the day. On the bottle it is written that the spray provides 8hr coverage which I thought must have been pushing it… But I was wrong! would recommend this item to anyone looking for good quality but not the flashy price.

Another lengthy post coming to an end but thank you for reading, I hope my simple advice will help some of you and I will be interested in any opinions or recommendations in the comment box below!

Thank you!

Bethany Jane x x 

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Pintrest: bethanyjanesaulSmashbox Photo-finish primer Urban Decay de-slick setting spray

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Powder Lightscapade review

Bought this product a few weeks ago online off the MAC website in the Lightscapade shade, I had heard good words about the powder when looking around online so I decided to give it a try.

The powder is multi-use obviously meaning it can be used as anything you want to a certain extent! Personally I went for using it as a high lighter above my eyes and cheek bones because the different colors work effectively to create a natural looking illumination. That being said I have tried this product as an eye shadow which also worked, giving a light shimmer although I would say it would look better on someone with blue eyes rather than my green eyes!

Overall I adore the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Powder and I would say it is in my top 5 at least as far as makeup is concerned! Definite recommendation here and I will be trying more of the mineralise collections from MAC in future for sure!

Bethany Jane x 

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MAC mineralise skinfinish power Lightscapade Lightscapade shade

First post – My best investment

As this is my first post as a beauty blogger I thought I would get started by simply talking to you guys about the best investment I’ve made in any beauty product.
My friends could tell you that I am forever raving about how much I am in love with my Clinique 3- step skin care routine and if I am like any other teenage girl, this routine is unsurprisingly the most stable thing in my life at the moment!

My skin used to be quite bad, I didn’t have ache but I had relatively spot prone skin, combination oily skin around my t-zone and dry skin as well especially in winter. However all of this changed when I took a trip down to the Clinique counter at Harrods in London!

They asked me a few questions about what my major problems were with my skin and subsequently came to a conclusion of which of the three skin type categories I fitted into, which was type one for sensitive dry skin.

From this they found the combination of cleanser, clarifying lotion (toner) and moisturiser. When I began to use the products I saw an almost instant result within the first week and two years down the line I am still seeing consistent results and am loyal to my trusty Clinique routine.

A bit more about the products –

Clinique liquid facial soap mild – This product is really good for when you just want to wake yourself up or revitalise your skin after a busy day. The soap lathers nicely which gives reassurance that it is actually cleaning your face unlike other brands. This is a match made in heaven for those with skin prone to allergic reactions and sensitivity and I can say the same for all Clinique’s products!

Clinique clarifying lotion – To any other normal person this means toner and is used in the same way. You really don’t need to put much on the compact pad because it spreads over the face pretty well. Some people criticise this particular product saying it can sting when applied. If this is the case then the chances are you have got your skin sensitivity wrong as I can tell you from first hand experience that none of the 3 step products cause any irritation as they are all allergy tested.

Dramatically different moisturiser – Some people with oily skin myself included can be cynical of using a moisturiser as often as twice a day but it really does make a serious difference to the general appearance of your face. After two or three days using the moisturiser alongside the cleanser and clarifying lotion I noticed a substantial change in the luminosity of my face. My skin appeared much brighter and healthier looking than before which I think is down to the SPF it has giving you protection during the day alongside nourishing your skin. Overall the moisturiser is one of my favourite products and I know I’m not alone when saying so as this product is praised all over the internet and in magazines.

Well that brings my rather lengthy first post to an end, thank you for reading and I hope you follow to hear more about my beauty experiances!

Bethany Jane x
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