100 happy days 23

Today’s a big day in my house hold as it’s my dad’s 50th birthday! We didn’t want him to enjoy it too much so we made sure he went to parents evening before we went out for a meal…
We didn’t want to go out anywhere fancy as that just isn’t our thing at all, instead we chose one of our favourite little restaurants called Love food which has just been re-vamped!
The restaurant is run by an Italian family who are so lovely and hospitable and it serves wholesome traditional Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Only recently has Love Food changed from a cafe-y/lunch type place to a more restaurant type place as well but nevertheless the quality of food was amazing! What is also means is that the atmosphere isn’t as uptight and posh as it would be in other mainstream places.
However…The best thing by far has to be the cakes as they are all homemade and all interesting recipes you would find anywhere on the high street! They even made a birthday cake for my Dad which has to be one of, if not the best cake I’ve tried!
After tonight Love Food is surely on our list of favourite places to go out for a meal
Hope everyone else had as good evening as I did and there is picture of the beautifully crafted cake below!
Until tomorrow,
Bethany Jane x x
Twitter: beautyblogbeth
Instagram: beautyblogbeth
Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

20140508-105832 pm.jpg


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