100 happy days 21

Proceeding a weekend of sun, sailing and sleeping under the stars I came back home to a little more homework than I had anticipated so I am sorry I didn’t post anything as soon as I got back yesterday evening!

My bank holiday weekend sailing around the Norfolk Broads was incredible! The weather, to my surprise did hold out and we had sunshine all weekend! However this did result in me returning home looking like a ripe tomato despite the extreme amount of sun cream I applied. Going into school today was quite painful and I think I’ve gone through at least two bottles of after sun in the last 24 hours…

My rosy cheeks aside…the weather did mean I got some great pictures of which I will share the best few once I get a chance! For now I just want to share a picture of the boats we sailed/slept in which we hired from a cute little club called Hunter’s Yard. Even though it was freezing over night we managed to have a good nights sleep without too much fuss!

Hopefully I will be able to go back again next year if it isn’t too close to my GCSEs…eek! Like I said the pictures are to follow in the next few days…

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x 

Twitter: beautyblogbeth

Instagram: beautyblogbeth

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

DSCF5545 DSCF5551



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