100 happy days 16

After a tiring but incredible time at Mcbusted last night which consisted mainly of me and the rest of the audience pining over Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis…I must admit I am guilty of not really getting up to much at all today!

What has made me happy today though is whilst sorting out some folders on my computer I came across some photos I took a few weeks but never posted – very exciting I know.

Hope you enjoy the photos, they are some more of which I have shot around the lake I sail at which is so gorgeous at this time of year especially on the brief occasions we have some sunny weather!

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x 

Twitter: beautyblogbeth

Instagram: beautyblogbeth

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

DSCF5139 DSCF5140 DSCF5141 DSCF5143 DSCF5159 DSCF5163 DSCF5164 DSCF5170 DSCF5171 DSCF5172 DSCF5173 DSCF5177 DSCF5178 DSCF5181 DSCF5188


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