100 happy days 12

Have to admit I’ve been boring today… I haven’t really done much apart from get some revision done!

But I have got all my notes and flashcards together and organised by colour… I’m not OCD… Promise!

For anyone who is doing exams in a few weeks time or in a year or so I can’t stress how important it is to be organised! Even small things like keeping the place where you work tidy can make such an impact on your productivity. Another thing is to find a system that works for you, if it doesn’t work writing notes then don’t write notes! There are so many different ways in which we learn and its all about finding a way that helps you the most. Personally I work by writing out all the key points in a topic then answering loads and loads of practise questions because I always struggle with exam technique.

Just a short antidote today…

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x

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