100 happy days 11

I was planning on writing my 100 happy days post today on my trip out to see the Divergent film but…

On the way home I received an email from the charity (EFA Morocco) I went out to see in December with school saying their newsletter was available to download!

I had almost completely forgotten due to the stress of school work that back in January I had written an article for the newsletter about the work the girls from my school had done including our visit in December. Some of my photos are also in the newsletter which of course excites me massively!

I can’t stress enough how inspiring the work EFA Morocco does to help to girls living in their boarding houses is and you can read all about it either in the post I did at the back end of December or on their website at http://www.efamorocco.org . There is also a link to download their newsletter on the website or you can click here to read about how the charity has been doing over the past few months.

That’s all for today but I must admit I am ready for bed after such an exciting evening!

Until tomorrow,

Bethany Jane x x

Twitter: beautyblogbeth 

Instagram: beautyblogbeth

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul



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