Luscious lips

I am a strong believer in subtle details bringing a perfect finishing touch to any look. One of the many ways I love to do this is with lipstick or lip gloss.

I don’t usually go for bold oranges or purples but I do love adding a deep red or dark pink to spruce things up.

My favourite lipsticks and glosses are pictured below and they are…

  • Dior addict lipgloss in shade 653 (not sure they sell it any longer)
  • Clinique chubby stick in Two ton tomato shade
  • Clinique chubby stick in Mega melon
  • Clinique long last lipstick in honey blush
  • Yves St Laurent lipgloss in shade 2

If I’m just going out during the day and my makeup doesn’t need to be t00 extravagant I would usually use the Mega melon shade chubby stick. Mainly because it matches my lip colour but still adds a little bit of pink to highlight my lips whilst being moisturising at the same time!

Usually when I wearing bright blush or eyeshadow I tend to go for the Dior addict lipgloss as it’s a lovely shimmery pink with a bit of glitter making it impossible to say no to…

Finally when I’m going for the more sophisticated evening look depending on my outfit I either choose the bold red from Two ton tomato chubby stick or I go for the deep pink glittery Yves St Laurent lipgloss.

I want to know what lipsticks and glosses everyone else uses and on what occasion! Please don’t hesitate to post your comments below…

Thanks for reading,

Bethany Jane x x 

Twitter: beautyblogbeth

Instagram: beautyblogbeth

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

DSCF5196 DSCF5202


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