What I’m listening to – Week 7

School work has seemed to swallow me up in the last two weeks consequently resulting in me not having posted on here for far too long! But not to worry, I have a quick music post to give you as consolidation!

I’ve been really hooked on one particular song over the last week or so which was actually recommended to me by my English teacher! The song is called ‘Cucurucu’ by Nick Mulvey and is probably one of the most relaxing songs I have ever listened to.

The whole atmosphere of the song is quite artsy as most of the lyrics were taken  from a poem called Piano by DH Lawrence. I must admit I don’t usually get into the deep philosophical meanings behind artists similar Nick Mulvey but I was interested by the backround of Cucurucu so I had a bit of a deeper look!  The video is well suited to this arty atmosphere that Mulvey is going for and definitely worth a watch.

So here it is… (The start is a bit slow but it gets more lively 30 seconds or so in!)

‘Cucurucu’ by Nick Mulvey

Thanks for reading, will be more frequent with my posts over the next few weeks!

Bethany Jane x x 

Twitter: beautyblogbeth 

Instagram: beautyblogbeth

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul


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