Ted Baker Nails

It seems I’ve been quite focused on makeup lately in my beauty posts so I though I would mix things up a bit!

At Christmas I received the wonderful present of a set of Ted Baker nail polishes. Being sworn to OPI and Nails Inc I was dubious but the colours were really cute so I was swayed!

The nail polishes came in a adorable little tin which I now use to keep some of my makeup brushes in. The polishes were in four colours (pictures below) that all work together rather pleasingly – metallic gold and silver, baby pink and black.

My personal favorite choice when using the polishes has to be the baby pink and metallic gold on my index finger as an accent nail which I wore to a party just last weekend!

I love them so much because unlike other nail polish brands selling these colours, the consistency is really good and even with the metallic colours, you don’t have to apply a million layers to get a solid colour.

Overall I adore the nail polishes and I am very grateful to my Godmother for giving such a spectacular gift!

Just a short post today but thanks for reading, highly recommend you try out the Ted Baker set out!

Bethany Jane x x

Instagram: beff_jane

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

Ted Baker nail polishes


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