What I’m listening to – Week 4

I thought I’d share with you my all time favorite band, Coldplay. I have grown up with Coldplay quite literally as their first album Brothers and sisters was released around when I was born.. I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since I can remember, I recall listening to The scientist when I was much younger, not understanding any of the lyrics or what they meant but all the same adoring every line. I’ve seen them in concert twice before, once was the Capital radio summer time ball and the second was the Paralympic closing ceremony which was the single best moment of my life. I saw Coldplay perform all their biggest hits even some of the older ones lie Strawberry swing and Yellow (Both personal favorites of mine as well as doing a duet with Rihanna singing Princess of China!

Anyways, as they are so popular and well known there is little point telling you my favorite Coldplay songs which everyone has no doubt heard of so instead I want to share some of their less publicized numbers.

Three songs came to mind and they are: X&Y from the album X&Y, Warning Sign from the album A rush of blood to the head Amsterdam also from the same album

Links are as follows –

Hope you enjoy them and that I’ve enlightened some of you guys to some music genius that is Coldplay!

Bethany Jane x x
Instagram: beff_jane
Pinterest: bethanyjanesaul


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