Before and after

Its no secret that our skin is precious and that we need to look after it the best we can. This is especially true if we are planning on wearing makeup most days if not everyday.

So where is the compromise? Do we save our skin the trauma and risk going naked faced or do we slap on the makeup and face the bitter consequences in the form of a breakout? The answer is neither!

I realise I’m preaching to the choir when I’m saying this as I’m sure all my fellow beauty bloggers are aware of the wisdom I am about to impart to you but for those who are not as experienced… PRIMER! Primer is what will save you from that horrible makeup-or-no-makeup dilemma. Another advantage to wearing primer is that it makes your makeup look better in general as foundation will blend more effectively.

The best primers I have come across are the Smashbox photo-finish collection because there are multitudinous primers to suit all skin types! I have the clear primer that is not for any specific skin types but it makes my foundation/bb cream stay a lot better compared to when I didn’t use primer at all. I have also noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my skin seeing as before I started wearing primer, if I wore make up more than two days in a row my skin would suffer the penalty!

I’ve talked about what to do before you apply your make up but what about after? I was really confused as to why my foundation would never last from when I went out to when I came home or why after a few hours my skin would look oily and as if I had not put put on makeup at all. I asked around and came to the conclusion that it was the simplest thing that was missed out of my makeup routine, setting spray. I then took to the web to find the best setting spray and I came across the Urban Decay de-slick setting spray with perfect reviews and came up in a lot of different blogs as it had just been released.

The Urban decay setting spray is one of my favorite products overall because it is so effective at keeping my makeup on and not letting my skin get oily throughout the day. On the bottle it is written that the spray provides 8hr coverage which I thought must have been pushing it… But I was wrong! would recommend this item to anyone looking for good quality but not the flashy price.

Another lengthy post coming to an end but thank you for reading, I hope my simple advice will help some of you and I will be interested in any opinions or recommendations in the comment box below!

Thank you!

Bethany Jane x x 

Instagram: beff_jane

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaulSmashbox Photo-finish primer Urban Decay de-slick setting spray


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