Exotic Lotions and potions

This is a bit different to the usual products I have reviewed and compared but I thought I could do with a challenge… I did a post about my recent-ish adventure to Morocco but what I failed to mention was in amongst visiting the EFA boarding houses, our guide took us to a wonderful Authentic Moroccan pharmacy called Rosa Huile (translating roughly I assume to rose oil?) in the heart of Marrakesh.

The pharmacy we visited was a little avant garde to us as westerners, we were greeted by a happy surprise of exotic combinations of herbs and species mixed with natural therapies and my favorite part… the traditional Moroccan beauty remedies! Not forgetting the authentic Moroccan massage parlor situated on the floor above us.

I can safely say that the pharmacy was one of the best if not the best shop I have visited simply because the whole production line of everything sold there was within a 15 mile radius. This is something we don’t experience much in the western world as every product we buy (give or take) has a world wide production line, half of which is kept secret from the consumer. For example in the front of the shop next to the till there were two women grinding up argan nuts to make argan oil (Moroccan oil), its was the smallest thing but its just another world from any shop I had ever visited before.

Now I must admit it was a moment of weakness… but I spent somewhere around the mark of 900 Dirhams (roughly 66 pounds) in the pharmacy however in my defense, a fair amount of what I bought was for Christmas present, also as you will find out I did get a lot of quality products for my money – much more than I would have for buying the same items in England without the authenticity of buying them in Morocco and finally because the pharmacy donates a proportion of their profits towards the EFA boarding houses we were visiting on our trip.

So here it is, my larger than life Moroccan beauty haul! (pictures underneath post – excluding everything I gave as presents outside the family!)

  • Rose cream moisturizer
  • Lip Balm which also doubles up to fight against cold sores x3
  • A bottle of Moroccan oil (jasmine scented)
  • Another bottle of Moroccan oil (grapefruit scented)
  • Arnica massage oil
  • Organic spot cream x2
  • Nigella seeds (black cumin) for blocked noses
  • Orange flower extract roller-ball
  • Jasmine extract roller-ball
  • Traditional Moroccan exfoliater
  • A Pot of  saffron (my best purchase – as what would have costed around 30 pounds but I got it for what converted to £1.80)
  • A bag of mixed spices promised to make any dish taste better (which it turns out is entirely true!)
  • And finally an amber perfume block to put in my draws or wardrobe

I wasn’t lying when I expressed the sheer magnitude of my exotic beauty haul was I…

In the off chance you ever happen to be strolling around the streets of Morocco with a few hours to spare and have a patient partner or friend with you, go for a quick visit at the Rosa Huile pharmacy… or a long one!

The pharmacy also has their own website – http://rosahuile.com where you can order their product to the UK! Although I recommend having someone who speaks french or google translate handy to avoid any blunders when ordering…

Bringing another rather lengthy post to an end, again I’d like to thank Sonia our guide and also all the hospitable staff at Rosa Huile 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Bethany Jane x x

Instagram: Beff_jane

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Argan oil Rose cream moisturizer Spot cream Massage oil Nigella seeds Fragrance roller-balls My haul!


One thought on “Exotic Lotions and potions

  1. Have you tried to cook with the Morroccan Saffron? I bought a jar of it as well at Rosa Huile and only opened it at home, it does emits a chemical smell. Nothing like real saffron!

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