What I’m listening to – Much Belated Week 3

Haven’t done a music post in a while because I had a horrible flu type bug over Christmas and going back to school has taken some serious getting used too *holds up sympathy cue card* however after all these hardships  it seems now I’ve got back into the swing of things! Meaning instead of doing my homework, I can focus fully on my blog… anyways moving swiftly on!

Two songs by different artists have been played on repeat over the Christmas break and throughout January on my Ipod and around the house, much to the annoyance of my family!  These two songs are ‘We found love’ (Not the Rihanna song) instead by Palma Violets and ‘Sappho’ by Tribes.

Both song are of a similar sub-genre which I must admit I usually shy away from but it seems I have been swayed! They also have fantastic music videos and a interesting underlying meaning in the lyrics which I will leave you to figure out yourselves… 🙂

So here they are :

More posts to follow shortly after my extended Christmas break!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the songs…

Bethany Jane x x

Pintrest: bethanyjanesaul

Instagram: beff_jane


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