Education for all – Morocco

Massive apologies for not having posted for a week or two on here but I have a good excuse I promise!

I have recently returned from a school trip to Morocco on which me and 20 other girls and teachers went to visit and observe the work that EFA (Education For All) Morocco – a charity my school has raised over £8300 for this year alone.

EFA Morocco works to send girls  who’s families live in the Berber villages outside Marrakesh to school allowing them to continue their education which they would not otherwise do either because it is too far away or there being a financing issue as boys have the priority for education over the girls.

We were taken around the houses by a Lady named Sonia who works closely with the charity developing the way the EFA is able to spread their message and gain support.

The house mothers and the girls in the four boarding houses we visited were very welcoming and so grateful for the gifts we had brought them. Even though there was a language barrier as only myself and one other girl could speak French and none of us could speak Arabic,  communication and bonding without necessarily using words was not a problem! We brought lots craft activities and games meaning we were not short of activities to partake in with the girls.

The trip gave me a whole new outlook on education and my appreciation of all the things I have both inside school and outside. I am massively thankful to everyone at EFA including Sonia, the house mothers and the girls for being so welcoming and hospitable to my school and for giving me the best experience of my life.

I took over 500 pictures so I have only chosen a select few of my favorites to share with you.

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to look into the work that EFA Morocco does. There website is where you can read more into the Charity.

Bethany Jane x x

Pintrest: Bethanyjanesaul

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