Optical illusion…Mascara review

Over the years I’ve tried numerous different mascaras as I tend to experiment a lot with new products trying to find the perfect combination of separation, lengthening and volume. For me mascara is an essential, even if I was in a mad rush with five minutes to get out of the house I would make a priority of slapping on some mascara before having to leave! Four different brands have really stuck out for me in my multitudinous experiences, they are…

Clinique Lash Power Mascara, Long Wearing Formula – If you are looking for a mascara that stays throughout the day no matter what you have planned whether it be school, swimming or simply spending a long day out on the town, this is your mascara. As the name implies this mascara is extremely long lasting  and water proof but is able to be removed effortlessly with a splash of warm water or ordinary make up remover. The Lash power mascara presents considerable separation of the lashes but unfortunately is lacking in volume, although I would consider this be a good thing if you were going for a natural, subtle look.

Sephora Outrageous Volume, Dramatic Volume Mascara – This mascara I bought on a gamble and I am very happy I did so as this has to be my overall favorite! The volume it provides is superb giving a convincingly dramatic look to your eyes without looking cheap and clumpy and the separation is also admirable but only if applied with an element of care. One criticism I would make is that the formula is very moist and doesn’t dry too quickly not making it the obvious choice for everyday wear as a lot of time is needed to dry between coats and it is the complete opposite of waterproof! That being said I feel the Outrageous Volume mascara is perfect for evening wear and for special occasions when you really need to look your best because with the proper amount of care applied it can make your eyes look outstanding!

Maybeline Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara – The Maybeline mascaras are among my favorites predominantly for the volumizing effect they give to your lashes.The separation could be improved as when you apply slightly too much it can come up a little clumpy but the skill of applying just the right amount comes with time as with any technique. I was surprised by how incredibly durable this mascara was because some waterproof mascaras can loose their effect after time but I wasn’t disappointed. What I would say is you definitely need a strong make up remover to take off the mascara because I found it relatively hard to remove without taking a few eyelashes with it! However this mascara is a brilliant choice for people wanting and extremely durable mascara and at the end of the day, you can only determine which mascara is ‘the best’ by suiting it to what you are looking for.

Benefit They’re real! Mascara – Winning the UK’s best selling mascara it is obvious that benefit have really outdone themselves this time. This mascara gives you natural looking separation and volume but still manages to give you the combination that you would only expect from false lashes. Out of the mascaras I’ve tried that claim to give you this effect Benefit’s mascara is the only one that has satisfied me because as I mentioned at the beginning of my post it provides all three aspects I personally look for. Whilst the mascara isn’t waterproof, I don’t think this is a problem because I tend to use it as  everyday mascara rather than when in need endurance.

I hope you enjoyed my second post, rather lengthy again but for a good cause…

Bethany Jane x

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