First post – My best investment

As this is my first post as a beauty blogger I thought I would get started by simply talking to you guys about the best investment I’ve made in any beauty product.
My friends could tell you that I am forever raving about how much I am in love with my Clinique 3- step skin care routine and if I am like any other teenage girl, this routine is unsurprisingly the most stable thing in my life at the moment!

My skin used to be quite bad, I didn’t have ache but I had relatively spot prone skin, combination oily skin around my t-zone and dry skin as well especially in winter. However all of this changed when I took a trip down to the Clinique counter at Harrods in London!

They asked me a few questions about what my major problems were with my skin and subsequently came to a conclusion of which of the three skin type categories I fitted into, which was type one for sensitive dry skin.

From this they found the combination of cleanser, clarifying lotion (toner) and moisturiser. When I began to use the products I saw an almost instant result within the first week and two years down the line I am still seeing consistent results and am loyal to my trusty Clinique routine.

A bit more about the products –

Clinique liquid facial soap mild – This product is really good for when you just want to wake yourself up or revitalise your skin after a busy day. The soap lathers nicely which gives reassurance that it is actually cleaning your face unlike other brands. This is a match made in heaven for those with skin prone to allergic reactions and sensitivity and I can say the same for all Clinique’s products!

Clinique clarifying lotion – To any other normal person this means toner and is used in the same way. You really don’t need to put much on the compact pad because it spreads over the face pretty well. Some people criticise this particular product saying it can sting when applied. If this is the case then the chances are you have got your skin sensitivity wrong as I can tell you from first hand experience that none of the 3 step products cause any irritation as they are all allergy tested.

Dramatically different moisturiser – Some people with oily skin myself included can be cynical of using a moisturiser as often as twice a day but it really does make a serious difference to the general appearance of your face. After two or three days using the moisturiser alongside the cleanser and clarifying lotion I noticed a substantial change in the luminosity of my face. My skin appeared much brighter and healthier looking than before which I think is down to the SPF it has giving you protection during the day alongside nourishing your skin. Overall the moisturiser is one of my favourite products and I know I’m not alone when saying so as this product is praised all over the internet and in magazines.

Well that brings my rather lengthy first post to an end, thank you for reading and I hope you follow to hear more about my beauty experiances!

Bethany Jane x
Pinterest – bethanyjanesaul
Instagram – beff_jane

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